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    In January 2013, we attended for the first time, FIRST EVENT, which is known as one of the largest transgender gatherings in the world today. We custom fit so many transgender clients over the 4 days we presented, and heard repeatedly that corsets made for the female figure needed to have significant alterations in order accommodate the transitioning male form. We presented direct feedback and suggestions to our Vollers manufacturer and together we created our first underbust and overbust corsets specifically designed to custom fit the male figure.

    Changes to our most popular, underbust corset included lowering the traditional waistband so the corset could properly cinch the male waist and not the ribcage, extending the height of the corset to encompass the widest part of the ribcage and shortening under the waistband by 3" in order for the wearer to sit comfortably in the new design. The same changes have been made to our most popular overbust corset which can accommodate breast forms if desired.


    At A Beautiful Corset, we have always been very proud to represent the Vollers corset line because the manufacturing quality is guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty. This year, we could not be more pleased to add these two new TG corset styles which are available exclusively through A Beautiful Corset at our website or in our showroom. The 1891TG underbust and 411TG overbust, have been designed exclusively for the transgender community as functional foundation-wear guaranteed to reduce a waistline 2-4" and produce a flattering feminine hourglass shape.

    At A Beautiful Corset we would always recommend that you work with our professional corset fitter in order to find the most flattering custom corset style for your unique figure.A professional corset fitter is available to you online at www.abeautifulcorset.com or by private appointment at our new Salem, MA location. Please call to schedule a fitting and the directions will be emailed to you.

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