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    How To Properly Wear Your Vollers Corset

    Loosen the corset lacing as much as possible before wrapping the corset around you with the laces at the back and the front busk (posts) undone.


    When wearing your corset for the very first time we recommend you do *not* attempt to lace very tightly. Your corset will take a little time to conform to your body. With wearing frequency, you will be able to increase the tightening of your laces properly, without harm to your corset. Your properly laced corset will provide you with an elegant hourglass figure, excellent posture and produce a very comforting 'hugging' sensation!

    Step 2:

    Fasten your corset from the top of the busk by starting with the top post working your way down until you are fully fastened.

    Step 3:

    Ideally someone will assist in lacing you into your corset. Your lacer would be sure the modesty panel is laying flat against your skin before beginning the lacing process. As you hold your corset in place, your lacer will begin gently tugging and tightening the laces from the bottom and then the top, to the center back of the corset.

    Without an assistant, and with a little bit of practice, you can easily lace your corset independently. Reaching around behind your back, be sure you can feel the modesty panel is laying flat against your skin. Find your center lace loops, taking one loop in each hand to begin gently tugging and tightening. You will learn to manipulate the laces to close the upper part of your corset and the lower part of your corset to create the elegant hourglass figure you desire. As you are lacing and learning, you will find a little wiggle at the waist helps keep everything moving in the right direction!

    Step 4:

    Tie your corset laces into a preliminary bow to hold everything in place, being sure to even out the end lengths. Reposition your breasts as needed, and make the final adjustments to your lacing based on personal preference for tightening.

    Congratulations - You Look Stunning!

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