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    Corsetry Terms

    Natural Measurements: The circumference of your relaxed and naked bust, underbust, waist, and hips measured with a cloth measuring tape.

    Corset Measurements: A deduction of 2" at the bust and hip area, and 4-6" from the waist of your natural measurements.

    Corset Requirements: Using your corset measurements we calculate the number of inches from your corset waist to your corset bust, as well as the number of inches from your corset waist to your corset hips. In order to produce an hourglass figure, your corset pattern needs to be cut at the bust and hip this number of inches wider than the corset waist.

    Standard vs Custom: Over the course of 125 years making corsets, Vollers has established over 50 standard corset patterns for fitting common body measurements. Adjustments can be made to the measurements of any standard pattern in order to create a made-to-measure custom corset.

    Underbust vs Overbust: An overbust corset covers the bust area, extending under the arms to the hips. An underbust corset begins under the breasts and extends down to the hips.

    Intimate-wear vs Outerwear: The modern corset is more than the intimate apparel we know of the past. Today this versatile garment is worn as luxurious outerwear with pants, skirts and dresses as well as sexy intimate-wear alone or under your clothing. Vollers standard intimate-wear corsets come with detachable garters for stockings. The detachable garter allows each garment the flexibility of being worn as outerwear. Any Vollers corset can be made with garters.

    Corset Length: The Vollers overbust corsets vary in front length from 11.5" to 17.5" measured at the center bustline to the center hemline. The Vollers underbust corsets vary in length from 9.5" to 13.5" measured at the center bustline to the center hemline. The length of your corset is determined by your torso length which is measured from your center sternum (between your breasts) to the top of your hip line, or as far as where your waist and hip area meet your thighs when seated. Personal preference and the shape of your body would dictate the length of the corset needed, with a longer corset providing more waist to hip coverage producing an elegant hourglass shape.

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